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MAVROS (MAVLink + ROS) is a package for ROS that provides the possibility of controlling drones via the MAVLink protocol. MAVROS supports flight stacks PX4 and APM. Communication is established via UART, USB, TCP or UDP.

MAVROS subscribes to certain ROS topics while waiting for commands, publishes telemetry to other topics, and provides services.

The MAVROS node is automatically started in the launch-file of Clever. For [setting the type of connection] (, see the fcu_conn argument.

Simplified interaction with the copter may be with the use of the [simple_offboard] package (

In the clever package, some MAVROS plugins are disabled (to save resources). For more information, see the plugin_blacklist parameter in file /home/pi/catkin_ws/src/clever/clever/launch/mavros.launch.

Main services

/mavros/set_mode — set flight mode of the controller. Usually, the OFFBOARD mode is set (for control from Raspberry Pi).

/mavros/cmd/arming — enable or disable drone motors \ (change the armed status \).

Main published topics

/mavros/state — status of connection to the flight controller. The flight controller mode.

/mavros/local_position/pose — local position of the copter in the ENU system of coordinates, and its orientation.

/mavros/local_position/velocity — current speed in the local coordinates. Angular velocities.

/mavros/global_position/global — the current global position (latitude, longitude, altitude).

/mavros/global_position/local — the global position in the [UTM] system of coordinates (Система_координат_UTM).

/mavros/global_position/rel_alt — relative altitude (relative to the engines ON altitude).

Messages published in the topics may be viewed by using the rostopic utility, e.g., rostopic echo /mavros/state. See more in working with ROS.

Main topics for publication

/mavros/setpoint_position/local — set the target position and the yaw of the drone (in the ENU system of coordinates).

/mavros/setpoint_position/cmd_vel — set the target linear velocity of the drone.

/mavros/setpoint_attitude/attitude and /mavros/setpoint_attitude/att_throttle — set target attitude and throttle level.

/mavros/setpoint_attitude/cmd_vel and /mavros/setpoint_attitude/att_throttle — set target angular velocity and throttle level.

Topics for sending raw packets

/mavros/setpoint_raw/local — sending packet SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED. Allows setting target position/target speed and target yaw/angular yaw velocity. The values to be set are selected using the type_mask field.

/mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude — sending packet SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET. Allows setting the target attitude /angular velocity and throttle level. The values to be set are selected using the type_mask field

/mavros/setpoint_raw/global — sending packet SET_POSITION_TARGET_GLOBAL_INT. Allows setting the target attitude in global coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude) and flight speed. Not supported in PX4 (issue).

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