Automatic check

Before flying (especially autonomous), you can use several methods of automatic self-testing of the quadcopter subsystems.

Utility is part of clever package, and automatically tests the main aspects of the ROS platform and the PX4. The utility is pre-installed on the Raspberry Pi image.

To initiate it, type in the Raspberry Pi console:

rosrun clever

Description of some checks:

  • FCU – checking proper connection with the flight controller;
  • IMU – checking correctness of the data from IMU;
  • Local position – presence of the local position of the drone;
  • Velocity estimation – drone velocity estimation (if this check fails, never take off offline!);
  • Global position (GPS) — presence of the global position (GPS required);
  • Camera — proper operation of the Raspberry camera.

commander check

To check the main sub systems of PX4 and the possibility of arming at the moment, you can perform command commander check in the MAVLink console.

When using SITL instead of the MAVLink console, use a terminal with SITL running.

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